Monday, October 31, 2005

We've finished all of the major projects around the house, most recently the sealing of the driveway. Hopefully, I'll be able to be a bit more "Bloggerly".

I added some more pictures to Veronica's World yesterday, updated the Boxing Fans Blog (there hasn't been much going on lately, though there are some big fights coming up), and I'll try to keep the information flowing.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Veronica's World Update

I've finally added some more pictures to Veronica's Blog. She's starting to crawl, and her campaign to spread terror has officially begun.

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Bridge to Nowhere

I despise the way that our government collects HUGE amounts in taxes which our elected officials scramble to distribute throughout the nation. I don't see any end in sight, but I would love to see the federal government allow the states to keep more of their money, and let them solve more of their own problems---like Alaska's 220+ million dollar bridge to an island with a population of 50 people.

I know that a lot of "beggar states" have gotten fat on the government's teat, taking in more money in pork projects than their citizens pay in with their taxes. I say let them find a way to deal with their problems, as opposed to dangling money to entice them to "toe the line".

I stole the link to this Neal Boortz comment from Tobermory. Original story here.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

One of My Favorite Kooks

When he's not being "beamed up" to the "Mother Wheel", Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, sometimes gets interviewed on Fox News. While looking for something else, I found this transcript of one of those recent interviews. One of my favorite bits:

FARRAKHAN: Well, I was in a tiny village in Mexico on the 17th of September, 1985. And I had a vision-like experience climbing a mountain there, on the top of which is a temple to the Mexo-American Christ figure, Ketso Quato. And one of these little UFOs came over that mountain and I was signaled from a group of persons to come. And I was beamed up into that small vehicle and carried to a larger vehicle, where I heard the voice of my leader and teacher, the Honorable Elijah Mohamed, saying these words to me, in early September, the president met with his joint chiefs of staff to plan a war.

I believe that Farrakhan, and other politically/socially active racists are detrimental to our society. I do support their right to speak their mind, however. Even when it's not this entertaining.

Farrakhan, and the organization he inherited from Elijah Mohamed, have been very successful at several things, among them, stirring the pot of racial discontent for personal gain. Now Farrakhan is spreading the notion that the U.S. government intentionally destroyed the levies in New Orleans. Hopefully the NOI and all of the other race-baiting misanthropes (like the National Socialist Party whose recent march to protest "black crime" precipitated a riot in Toledo...The Nazi assholes' version of the story here) will not become more of an influence on the American public. Unfortunately, they will. I predict that we'll be seeing more and more racist idiocy.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Border Woes

This site is not an official U.S. site, but it has a lot of information (which may not be entirely accurate) about the U.S. border with Mexico. It also has an annoying Neil Diamond soundtrack.

My dear Dad told me of an incident that is said to have happened recently, in which Border Patrol agents were engaged in a large fire fight with folks on the Mexico side of the border. It's been said that two U.S. Border Patrol agents were severly wounded, and that there has been a high-level government cover-up. I have heard nothing about this in the news media, and I found nothing on the Web. But I did find a wonderful Illumati conspiracy story here.

I also found this, a recent story about border concerns, but no accounts of a large firefight.

I also found a bit about "the Halls of Montezuma".

All that said, I think that George W. Bush and his administration have, as each recent presidential administration has, betrayed the American people in their failure to secure our borders. Particularly after the events of September 11, 2001, G.W. Bush's failure to take the largest step necessary to provide for American security astounds and confounds me. As "Jackie Chiles" would say, "I am shocked and chagrined....mortified, and stupified!". I don't know if it will ever be any different.

Our government's intentional failure has it's motivations, including the desire/need for cheap labor, the courting of the Hispanic vote, and a social engineering philosophy with which I do not agree. There are others reasons, I imagine, but I have no desire to have a symposium over the porous borders. I just want them secured.

Monday, October 10, 2005

This Is Not the Last of These Scumbags, I Fear

This is Joel Henry Henrichs III, American, convert to Islam, and suicide bomber. Apparently, he blew himself up outside of the Oklahoma University football game on October 1. The major news outlets haven't given the incident much coverage, and there is a lot of conflicting information. Points of contention include whether or not the guy tried to get into the ballgame prior to exploding himself, and whether or not the guy attended the same mosque as September 11, 2001 terrorist Zacharias Moussaoui.

There will be more American-born converts to Islam who will attack America and/or American interests. There will also be plenty who won't. I don't know about you, but I will remain suspicious.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


I don't think that we'll see it in the theater, but Domino (official site here) intrests me. The whole "based on a true story....sort of" disclaimer scores points in my book, as it seems that the movie's ties to Domino Harvey's true story are all but non-existent, and the film-makers don't try to pass this off as a biopic.

The crazy, drugged out lesbianthat inspired this story was recently found dead in a bathtub. You can't buy that kind of advertising, so I'm thinking that the movie might do well. Her father was movie star Lawrence Harvey, her mother a covergirl, and her millionaire stepfather owned the Hard Rock Cafe. She did a bit of modelling, a lot of drugs, and ended up becoming an assistant bounty hunter. Some writers dismiss her "bounty hunting" as a rich little bored drug addict helping others round up homeless drug addicts, nothing like the action sequences depicted in the movies. According to "The Superficial":

Not that a girl could never be a bounty hunter, it’s just that a girl could never be a bounty hunter. If I was dating a girl who claimed she was one, I would just nod politely and then give her a new mission: “hunt” me down a piece of pie. And a glass of milk. And then I’d smack her on the ass as a send off, cause girls like to be reminded who's in charge.

I'm also curious to see if this movie, and his performance in Sin City, brings Mickey Rourke back from B&C-movie Hell.

For Those With a Not-So-Descriminating Palate

On my old friend Will Cockrell's blog (be wary, Will is an angry Somoan man), I came across a link to, which is a site devoted to studying the merits, virtues, and shortcomings of the "big five" bum wines. That led to me look around a bit, and I found the "Ghetto Wine" site, which had a few amusing bits.

I even found out that The Michigan Daily did a taste-test, though they also included wines that no "self-disrespecting" bum would touch, due to the lack of economic prudence involved in consuming anything less than 17.5%. It was no surprise that the winner was Boone's Farm Snowberry Creek, the one with the lowest alcohol content.

My days of sampling such ware are long since past, but I do have some fond memories that combine Kountry Kwencher-filled champagne fountains, Hatch, and Joe Abreu, and of hearing Rogers Alley and Pat Pace singing their take on the old classic:

What's the word?
What's the price?
How much more at the Corner Store?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Those Silly Doctors

I stumbled upon this blog tonight, and found myself recognizing people (or at least archetypes) from some of the stories. Here is a sample, where the med-student is describing a possible future rectal exam:
"Please lower your pants and I'll perform the rectal examination. I would like to remind you that this rectal exam is sponsored by the good folks at, makers of quality anoscopes used by hospitals and anal fetish proponents worldwide. If you would like to purchase a home anoscope device, please talk to our receptionist outside. I will now insert my finger into your rectum."
It may be that this guy is the next Tucker Max, though he certainly seems to be of more value to the world as a whole as everyone's least-favorite potty-mouthed party boy.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hey Carol, Make Sure You Do That Self-exam

According to this study cited by the infallible Yahoo!, left-handed women are more than twice as likely to get breast cancer.

Spiderman III, with Topher Grace?

I stumbled upon a blog, The Cloven Bunny, that had an entry about Spiderman III rumors. I don't think I buy the notion of Topher Grace playing Venom, but hey, ya never know.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

You Can't Take the Sky From Me

After lunch at Monell's, Ferlie and I went to see Serenity (official site here) today. Man, what a great flick. It stood up well to a second viewing. I hope that the series will make a television return, though I'm not holding my breath. I won't blather on about the movie, but I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Die Polanski, Die!

Hatch posted this, in response to reading this on I've enjoyed some of Polanski's films, but I've made a point of not paying to do so. In addition to making picture-shows, Polanski is a confessed and convicted pedophile, and as I have no intention of doing anything that will contribute to his happiness or well-being.

Hatch and I talked at length about Polanski the other night, (prior to going to see Serenity, one of the best action/adventure/sci-fi movies that I've ever seen) and last night, while dining out with my wife, child, and parents, I had the profound lack of pleasure to find myself unable to avoid hearing the high-volume conversation of a rude pair of yankees at a nearby table. The male (the father of the female) droned on about Polanski and his connection to the Manson murders (he was wrong in most of the facts he stated, however), and expressed his opinion, which is the same as that of Hatch and myself----the bastard should go to jail, and the whining and hand-wringing of Polanski apologists should be ignored or condemned. On other blogs, I've seen a lot of posts about this topic. Polanski's PR people must be trying to find a way to get him back into the States.

It seems the French have enjoyed harboring this fugitive from justice (after admitting to drugging and having sex with a 13-year-old, he fled the U.S.), and I guess they feel that their tolerance of pedophilia is part of their superiority. Let them keep him.

As for "forgiving" Polanski, I believe that under no circumstances should he be pardoned. I'm sure that there are a lot of folks who would like that. Maybe they'll move to France as well.

Here's another bit from Nicholas Stix:

(Screen “historian” Leonard Maltin misrepresented the case. In a passage reprinted at Polanski’s biography page at from Maltin’s 1994 Movie Encyclopedia, he claimed, “He was embroiled in a scandal over having sex with an underage model in 1977; rather than face the charges, he chose to flee the country.” No, Mr. Maltin; he had already pled guilty. Rather than face punishment, he chose to flee the country.)

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer!

Hey Gators!

While I only saw the game during "deck-pressure-washing-breaks", I loved it. The Tide is rolling down in 'Bama once more. The #5 Gators were completely outplayed, and I'm curious to see how Alabama is ranked, come Monday.