Sunday, October 02, 2005

Die Polanski, Die!

Hatch posted this, in response to reading this on I've enjoyed some of Polanski's films, but I've made a point of not paying to do so. In addition to making picture-shows, Polanski is a confessed and convicted pedophile, and as I have no intention of doing anything that will contribute to his happiness or well-being.

Hatch and I talked at length about Polanski the other night, (prior to going to see Serenity, one of the best action/adventure/sci-fi movies that I've ever seen) and last night, while dining out with my wife, child, and parents, I had the profound lack of pleasure to find myself unable to avoid hearing the high-volume conversation of a rude pair of yankees at a nearby table. The male (the father of the female) droned on about Polanski and his connection to the Manson murders (he was wrong in most of the facts he stated, however), and expressed his opinion, which is the same as that of Hatch and myself----the bastard should go to jail, and the whining and hand-wringing of Polanski apologists should be ignored or condemned. On other blogs, I've seen a lot of posts about this topic. Polanski's PR people must be trying to find a way to get him back into the States.

It seems the French have enjoyed harboring this fugitive from justice (after admitting to drugging and having sex with a 13-year-old, he fled the U.S.), and I guess they feel that their tolerance of pedophilia is part of their superiority. Let them keep him.

As for "forgiving" Polanski, I believe that under no circumstances should he be pardoned. I'm sure that there are a lot of folks who would like that. Maybe they'll move to France as well.

Here's another bit from Nicholas Stix:

(Screen “historian” Leonard Maltin misrepresented the case. In a passage reprinted at Polanski’s biography page at from Maltin’s 1994 Movie Encyclopedia, he claimed, “He was embroiled in a scandal over having sex with an underage model in 1977; rather than face the charges, he chose to flee the country.” No, Mr. Maltin; he had already pled guilty. Rather than face punishment, he chose to flee the country.)


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