Monday, May 30, 2005

The Tofu Texture You Love, With Just a Hint of Human Flesh

Man, I'm not sure what to make about this. Apparently, this guy named Mark Nuckols, both a lawyer and an MBA candidate, is marketing tofu that alledgedly tastes of "long pig", aka human flesh. I doubt it tastes anything like human flesh (though I'm sure that a lot of Liberal Vegans will be enjoying "Bush Burgers" soon), but I bet it'll sell a lot of T-shirts, which is probably the point.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Let the Mormon Talk!

Regardless of what you think of Orson Scott Card, there can be no doubt that he is a great writer. Ender's Game is one of the best fiction novels of the past 30 years. I am not familiar with all of his political beliefs, or, for that matter, his specific religious beliefs. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka The Mormons), and a firm believer that Star Trek is, and should remain, dead.

Card wrote this article, voicing his views on the recent NewsWeek fiasco, the link to which I stole from my good buddy Mike's blog. It is a fairly long read, but it has some great bits:

Nobody respects people who riot over such offenses, period. But we're so used to lying about things like that and pretending to take this sort of thing seriously that the truth has become unspeakable in polite company.

Yet this is precisely the truth that most needs to be spoken. The fact that Muslims riot over such an offense does not make anybody in the world admire Islam more, or take the words of the Prophet Muhammed more seriously. It just makes us shake our heads and think, Are these people supposed to be ready for self-government?

Friday, May 27, 2005

A Gold Star Is Not Worth What Once It Was

This unfortunate fellow, a naturalized U.S. citizen from the Philippines, Staff Sgt Anthony Lagman, lost his life in military action in Afghanistan. His mother was denied a "Gold Star" by an organization called "American Gold Star Mothers", a national organization of mothers of fallen servicemen. While Mrs. Lagman had certainly met the requirement of having suffered the tremendous loss of her son in battle, since she is not a U.S. citizen (she is a legal permanent resident) she was denied membership by the organization. Stories here, here, and here.

I say "shame on you" to the people who made this foolish decision. Email your opinion to them, at:

The Manila Times ran a feature on Sgt. Lagman about a month ago. I have great respect for him and his service to our country.

Now, while I condemn this organization's leaders for their actions, I do recognize their right to the freedom of association. As a private organization (if, in fact, they are such), they have the right to exclude anyone they'd like, I suppose. But I also have the right to hope they all get explosive, painful, bloody diarrhea if they deny membership to Mrs. Lagman.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

WWTTBMD? (What Would The Tidy Bowl Man Do?)

In Forest City, North Carolina, a cleric/holy man/pastor/what-have-you, Creighton Lovelace of Danieltown Baptist Church, has prompted something of an uproar by placing "The Koran needs to be flushed" on his church's sign. Story here. Remember, whatever you think of this act, he has the right to do it. I'd be curious to hear what his parishoners have to say, and I can't wait to hear what happens next.

In some stories, Mr. Lovelace is being referred to as "a reverend", which is a bastardization of the English language, unfortunately it is one that has become a part of common American usage. "Reverend" is not a noun. It is an adjective. Here is a note about the proper use of "Reverend".

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Great Article From "The Green Truth"

The Arab News (aka the green truth, because it is a Saudi propaganda rag, the English-language version of which is printed on green paper) ran this great article today on whether or not women should be allowed to drive. Here's an exerpt:

The fatwa that says using a camera mobile phone is sinful in Islam still exists. The phones were allowed, however, on the basis that it was to the good of the country. What conservatives and moderates should do is get together around a table and discuss the issue — would allowing women to drive be good for the country or not?

Heheheheh...sometimes I really miss Saudi.
Hmmmmm....I'm Curious To See What The Supremes Have To Say.

There is a convoluted case going on in Pennsylvania regarding the legal liabilities of a sperm donor for the children conceived. This case is one of those that points out the stupidity of using legal precedent as law, as well as the stupidity of people in general. It sounds like this case could have some devastating consequences for the infertility services business----but only if lawyers, judges, and people in general are stupid. Damn, I guess I'd better sell my stock in Crazy Ed's Sperm Bank.

Here's a link to one of the court's filings, and it certainly makes for an amusing read.

Stories like this reinforce my skepticism of universal suffrage in our society.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Three Hundred Dollar Baby

I have yet to see"Million Dollar Baby", though I have, unfortunately, been made privy to big plot twist in the movie. I was surprised to learn that the movie was based on a short story that was inspired by a true story. The story is one of a novice boxer (Katie Dallam) who, immediately after her first fight (against the-then untrained Sumya "Island Girl" Anani, now widely regarded as the best pound for pound female boxer in the world, in what was her 4th fight), collapsed and was found to have severe brain damage. As in the movie, there was suicidal ideation and a "live or die" decision made, and though Dallam has actually made a significant recovery, her life is irrevocably ruined by any honest measure. As with any story, there are at least two sides, Sumya's, and Stephanie Dallam's (the sister of the brain-damaged woman).

The undisputed facts: Dallam was a former member of the military, and a marathon runner who had some amateur kickboxing experience, and had trained for 6 weeks prior to this fight. She obtained her boxing license the day before the fight. She was in some type of car accident the night before the fight, and a passenger in her car was hospitalized. She was not hospitalized, and she did not report the crash to the ringside doctor or any officials involved in the production or sanctioning of the fight. Anani had been involved in boxing for less than 6 months, during which time she had had three professional fights, each of which she'd won. Anani had no previous amateur or professional boxing or martial arts training. Dallam was paid $300 for the fight.

The photo above shows Anani in action a few years ago, winning one of the several championship belts that she now holds.

Here's another Katie Dallam article in the NYT (you'll have to log in, but hey, it's free).


Before Accepting Three Hundred Dollars to Box...

Here's a photograph of Katie Dallam prior to her first and last professional boxing match.

Not Worth the Three Hundred Dollars

Here's a photograph of Katie Dallam after her first and only professional boxing match, and the surgery to treat the injury to her brain (though their is still some dispute as to whether the previous night's car accident contributed to the injury).

You can go to Katie's website to buy some of her "artwork", if you're interested in helping her pay her astoundingly high medical bills.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hindenburg Disaster Information

Here's some things that I didn't know about the Hindenburg disaster....brought to you by your friendly neighborhood hydrogen fuel propaganda machine.
Cinderella Man

The previews look good, and everybody's been asking me, who's the basis of the movie? Well, the upcoming Russell Crowe biopic is based on Jim Braddock, who was the World Heavyweight champion from 1935-1937, when he was knocked out in the 8th round by Joe Louis. I'm thinking that we'll see it, though we might wait for the DVD release.
Suspected As Much, I did....Hmmmmm

As part of my nerdly lead-in to seeing ROTS, I watched episodes 4,5&6 on the DVDs that my lovely wife so lovingly gave to me for my birthday. I found myself thinking that there had been some changes (in addition to the well publicized "Greedo shoots first" addition, which I despise). Well, here is a website that discusses those changes, some of which were Vader/Sidious conversation dubs that helped to make sense of some of the storylines' internal inconsistencies.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Down Goes the Foul Pole

As I mentioned earlier, I didn't expect this result, but, as the picture shows, Lamon Brewster convincingly thrashed Andrew "The Foul Pole" Golota, knocking him down and out in a mere 53 seconds. Golota was also mauled early by Lennox Lewis (another Round 1 knockout), and this may end the 37-year-old Golota's big-money-boxing career. I cannot imagine him selling many tickets as a "main event". Golota has always had an unorthodox style, and it obviously did not serve him well tonight. Brewster, holder of quasi-world championship belt, has now legitimately earned a shot at one of the "real" titles, and I'm looking forward to seeing him eventually fight the winner of the Vitali Klitschko v Rahman/Barrett fight in September. In his interviews, Brewster seems like a genuinely good guy, and he's made a fan out of me.
A Fairy Tale Romance

Here's some wonderful news for those of you doubting the existence of true love. Pedophile and convicted child-rapist Mary Kay Letourneau has married the "victim" of her malfeasance, the then 13-year-old Vili Fualaau, who is now a 22-year-old unemployed high school dropout. Ain't love grand?

Golota knocked out in the first round by Lamon Brewster. Glad I didn't pay to see the fight. I got to listen to all 53 seconds of it on the scrambled HBO station. Man, I didn't expect this.
Revenge on the Nerds

A friend of a friend of mine wrote this article for the Baton Rouge Advocate, regarding an unfortunate cinema disaster that deprived a large number of recessive gene bearers of their opportunity to see ROTS during the wee hours of opening morning. The comment that didn't make the article:

"I was there when this all went down...there's nothing like seeing a sad-eyed fat girl in a "Jedi Bitch" T-shirt getting a cash refund".

Fortunately, my own nerdly opening day showing was not effected. Rogers, Hatch, and I saw it again today, on Opry Mill's IMAX screen. Very cool, that was. Hatch whined that the battle scenes were too chaotic and confusing for his poor little mind, but he's just disappointed that there weren't any Ewok sex-scenes.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Yes, the Voting Public is a Special Interest Group.

I'll try to follow-up on this, but here's a story about how some small town residents in Bennington, Vermont forced an special election to overturn a just-passed bylaw designed to prevent the local Wal-Mart from expanding. Some of the local ole liberal Yankee hand-wringers are winging about it, complaining on tonight's news that this is "an example of special interest taking over".

I know that a lot of folks object to Wal-Mart management fighting to prevent unionization of their employees, but ya know what--if you object, don't work there, and don't shop there. Now, I don't worship at Sam Walton's big bargain church often, at least not unless it's the most convenient option for me, but I am a fan of democracy. Bully for the Bennington-ites in making their wishes law.

Go to and click on "the point", then select the 5/19 editorial on Walmart's Union Trouble for more on the Beloved Bargain Barn's labor woes.
Pretty Good, This Movie Is.

Saw ROTS today. It had a few dud moments, but all in all it was great fun, and it makes up for the last two installments. Hayden Christensen's performance will win no awards (no respectable awards, at least), but it was much improved. I'm guessing he spent his salaries from the last two movies on acting lessons. The "FX" were spectacular, and the story was good, bringing a dramatic ending/beginning/half-time to the saga. ROTS is definitely worth seeing in the good theater over in the ritzy part of town, so you won't have to endure the riff-raff's rudeness.

No spoilers here, we'll talk plot later.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Do Your Own Damn Dishes You Lazy California Socialist Pig-Bastards.

Well, that isn't exactly what VDH is saying, but it sums up a portion of his proposed cure for own immigration problem pretty well. Both political parties (or, at least the people who run them)are selling us out, and the death of our way of life is nearing the horizon. Anybody want to place bets as to how far into the future our next civil war will be?

Of course, I stole this link from Tobermory.
Hopefully, Newsweek's credibility will be recognized as being non-existent, much like Rather's.

Here's an editorial with one fella's perspective on the recent Newsweek/Koran flushing debacle. I haven't bought a copy of Newsweek in many years, but now I'm going to "especially not buy it".

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Congratulations to Hatch and Marissa on their expected bundle of joy. Here is a computer simulation of what a infant child of Hatch will look like....hopefully, the little one will look more like it's mother.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Happy Monthday Princess!

Veronica Grace is 3 months old today. My precious wife did a wonderful thing 3 months ago today, and for that, I will always honor her above all women. Mahal na mahal kita, my love.

Our good buddy Joe Dismukes, aka "Joebaby" and "Joe Dammit" buzzed through town last week, and we were happy as hell to see him. Joe is one of my oldest friends, and in addition to his "personal magic" is an all-around good guy. He had dinner with Ferlie, Rani, and myself, and then headed up north doing his best "Billy Joe McKay" impersonation. Take care, Joe, and let us hear from you soon.

You've probably noticed that we haven't been a'blogging lately. Well, this is why. Veronica started having little specks of blood in her poop, and as you might imagine, I was every bit as sane as a fish in a privet bush, until it turned out that our princess is okay, and all is now well. Simply switching off of breast milk to an awful-smelling formula fixed our baby's bowels, and now all is well. Let the blogging resume.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I'll Wait for the DVD

I stole this link from Tobermory. It sounds like "Kingdom of Heaven" is a disappointment to those who've studied history. That's too bad, as I tend to like Ridley Scott movies. Of course, even Gladiator, which I enjoyed, was pseudo-historical rubbish. I would've preferred that historical names and events hadn't been used in a piece of fiction, but at least no one claimed that Gladiator was more than an entertaining bit of fluff. We'll wait and Netflix KOH.

I've tried to minimize my support of films that purport to be historical when they are merely foolish, vacuous, ficticious crap (almost anything by Oliver Stone, for example..--well, I did enjoy Savior, but he wasn't involved with the script at all).

IMDB link to the movie here.

Al Quaeda Delenda est