Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen

Those of you who know me, know me to be a hot pepper aficionado and fan of all things 'hot and spicy'. I have travelled three continents, challenging chefs to 'burn me out'. Well, it's finally happened. Yesterday, Ferlie and I had lunch with Mike and Cassondra at Beauregard's, a Huntsville, AL joint that serves up wings, ribs, sammiches, and such. Their claim is "Nobody does it hotter". Well, they are correct.

I ordered a combination plate with their "Home-made Habenero sauce". I have never eaten anything so hot that also tasted good. Unfortunately, the burn continued to get worse, and worse, until such point as I had to give up and admit defeat. I made it through the rib portion, one wing, and roughly 1/3 of the chicken sandwhich, when the reddish sauce of Satan beat me into submission. The saddest thing of all, is that it actually tasted REALLY good, and it was the PAIN that made me stop eating.

We've been to Beauregard's several times, and I always enjoy it. For wings and such, they get my highest recommendation. I will try the insane hot goodness again, but it will be least until the blisters on my tongue are healed.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey! Steve Irwin was killed while filming one of his "Hey Y'all, Watch this" shows. The story is, he was swimming with a sting ray off the Great Barrier Reef, and was stung in the chest, piercing his heart. I didn't watch his programs regularity, but the bloke was certainly entertaining. More info here.