Saturday, August 07, 2004

From Afterbirth to Lance Armstrong to Uwe Blab

As expectant parents, Ferlie and I have been reading all manner of prenatal, birthing, and baby-rearing stories, particularly regarding how these things are accomplished in a myriad of ways. I particularly enjoyed this one, by an American writer who's successfully spawned, on two separate occasions, in Germany. I looked around for more stuff by her, which led me to this article about Lance Armstrong and how his drive to succeed is pooh-poohed by our neighbors across the pond. The writer is Emily Berns, who has lived in Munich for several years, and she's apparently also an aspiring romance novelista.

From my days living and working overseas, I remember (with some fondness, actually) having the opportunity to look at American culture through the eyes of the international media, and with the commentary of foreign friends and co-workers, mostly folks who'd never been to the States. I believe that Ms. Burns hit this nail squarely on the head.

N.B. The second article is from The Weekly Standard, a publication which seems to be swinging from the conservative side of the political spectrum. Be forewarned, Ann Coulter ads may appear.

Oh, and just so you know, the husband that Ms. Berns keeps referring, Uwe, is not Uwe Blab, the 7'2" former Indiana Hoosier and Dallas Maverick. He's apparently living in Texas, wearing a suit, and selling some sorta 'lectrical stuff.


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