Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The little brown woman has developed something of an ice cream craving over the last few days, and we've spent some time (and money) at Bobbie's Dairy Dip each of the past 3 nights. Bobbie's is a "tastee-freeze-esque" roadside ice cream and burger stand, that has been in operation, off and on for over fifty years. They pride themselves on using 10% butterfat soft-serve recipe (most other sissified ice creams use less, apparently), and it is, without doubt, the best soft-serve this fat, hairy, white boy has ever shoved down his face. Tonight, however, I needed more than my sweet tooth satisfied, so while my wife ate a serving of ice cream as big as her head, I tried the "Bobbie Burger". At the risk of sounding like a spokesmodel, I am her to tell ya, that was the best burger in Nashville. If you ever find yourself hungry on Charlotte Pike (hmmmm, sounds like a music row song in the making), get thyself to Bobbie's....


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