Sunday, May 02, 2004

The penning of the inaugural post has commenced. We plan to use our blogger to document, with tongues firmly in cheek, some of the things that catch our fancy.

While my lovely wife slaved away at work, I went hiking with my bosom buddy (no man breast jokes here, please) Hatch. We went to the not-yet-completed Nashville-Metro Davidson Stones River Greenway, another in a long line of the Nashville developments. I'm not crazy about some of Tennessee's history with eminent domain abuse , so I was extra glad that ED hadn't been used to develop this particular section. I look forward to seeing the completion of the Greenways Project .

We've been trying to do more biking and walking. This is part of my delardassification program, and it's also in order to avoid unnecessary driving, which Nashville has aplenty. Ferlie got her first bike last month, and has taken to biking like....something that bikes really well. We made a 20+mile trip (most of which was in the rain) in and around Percy Warner and Edwin Warner Parks . The trip, due to my unfailing direction sense, was wonderfully extended well past it's planned distance, much to the happiness of all involved....except for Ferlie.



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