Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Despite the innate computer ineptitude that comes with being me, I have my DSL working at the new stack o' bricks. Ferlie and I are very much enjoying our new place, and the transplanted pepper garden seems to have survived.

Ferlie had another OB appointment today, and we had the joy of hearing the heartbeat of "Baby Blue Eyes" (a nickname given by my sister-in-law, who is herself expecting twins) for the first time. It'll prolly be a couple of weeks before my stethoscope will pick up anything other than the usual Ferlie-racket, but the ultrasonic doppler picked up the boom-shicka-boom of the little one's ticker right away. Dr Thornburg, who was recommended to us by Marissa and Hatch, seems to be a no-nonsense sorta sawbones, and we think we like her fine. Dr. T said it was too early to tell if it's twins by just listening, so we'll be wondering about that for another 10 weeks or so. Anyone who can guess the number, sex, and names of our spawn will receive wonderful and valuable prizes, so send in those entries.

Ferlie has passed on to a new craving. For the past 4 days, we've feasted on fajitas at El Jalisiense Tacqueria, which is a pretty darn good Mexican joint. For starters, they serve Horchata, which is a refreshing rice drink (try it, I can't really do it justice....I heard a kid call it 'Mexican Kool-Aid"), and serves to take the edge off the hot chile burn. The fajitas are better than any other restaurant's in town, and I like their salsa, which comes with lots of cilantro. The waitstaff seems to be exclusively female, and he service varies from fair to fawning. An even bigger plus is that the cooks will respond to your requests for 'extra spicey' without considering it a challenge to their manhood. Now that Ferlie's 'delicate condition' allows it, we happily drive past several Mexican places, including La Espuela and Las Palmas (which isn't bad for a 'syndicate joint', it just suffers by comparison) to eat there.


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