Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It's Official....I Hate Nashville

I've long been a'thinking that Nashville has lost anything significant that would make it a "Southern" city. We Southerners like to think of ourselves as being more polite, and more willing to personally help out one another than the average bipedal carbon-based life form. Well, that certainly is no longer the case, if ever it was, in Nashville.

The proverbial back-breaking straw-of-the-day was found in the BelleMeade plaza parking lot at around 1100 hours today. This youngish male was unfortunate enough to have his car cease it's primary function in the middle of the intersection leading into the parking lot. The guy turned on his hazard lights, tried a few unsuccessful cranks, and then just proceeded to sit there, blocking 3 lanes of traffic. Ferlotta, Veronica, and I were enjoying a couple of environmentally unfriendly cups of Starbucks coffee nearby, so I went over to "help a fella out". He was chatting on his cellphone, but followed my recommendation to put his car in neutral so I could push it (and him) out of traffic and into the nearest parking space. There were several other able-bodied men walking past, and nary a one offered to help. Several folks honked and gestured, but none irked me more than the quasi-elderly asshole who pulled around us and took the parking place towards which we were heading. I was pushing this car up a slight incline, so, unfortunately, I didn't have the leisure to communicate my displeasure to him. Fortunately, another space opened up a few slots down, and all was well. The kid continued to sit in his car with the windows up, gave me a slight nod, and continued his telephone conversation. Perhaps the situation would have transpired differently in a different area of Nashville, but I am, more than ever, feeling the desire to leave this septic tank of a town and find a friendlier, more civil set of neighbors.

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Blogger Big Bill said...

Don't come to Chicago Bro! It gets pretty bad here also. But today a lovely Polish princess came running into a side street intersection and flagged me down and asked for my help. She said her car was overheating . I asked if she had water she replied yes (with the polish accent sweet!) S I figure cool I can fix er up and get her on her way. Its a Volvo and I can't seem to find the radiator cap!!! All it has is an overflow resivior and that was full and when she cranked up the engine the water didn't move from the overflow to the radiator . Thermostat stuck closed more than likely so I had to bid her farwell and have her wait for her uncle to help her oh well at least I did my good deed. You to feel good about yourself and remember carma.....Peace out.

7:12 PM  
Blogger TheHeffer said...

Move to Columbiana, Paul. You could push me around town in my old Mustang.

9:38 AM  

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