Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"King Solomon Could Not Have Adjudicated More Wisely"

Guess the movie I quoted in the title, and win a prize.

Anyway, I believe that the federal judge, James Whittemore, made the right decision in the most recent Terri Shiavo case. The Florida Supremes (touring without the Florida Diana Ross) also refused to rehear the case.

I do sympathize with Mrs. Shiavo's parents. But they, and the mass of pseudo-Conservative Constitution-Haters, are wrong. The Republican party may find their momentum decreased as a result of its members' role in this debacle.

The Slate has some interesting facts here about Terri and her care.

A person who describes themselves as "A Florida law blogger" is here, and this seems to be the best resource I've found for raw data regarding this case. Scroll down to the timeline.

A couple of what could only be called "interesting" Terri Shiavo links follow.
Read and view these skeptically, as these folks have an agenda which is not hampered with intellectual honesty. There have likely been liars, nutjobs, and scumbags on both sides of the issue, but the "Save Terri" ones are easier for me to spot.

Armed Females of America
Terrisfight.org (the address is actually .net, hmmmmm)


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