Saturday, February 11, 2006

What A Day!

Today is a day that Ferlie and I will always remember.

Veronica is now REALLY talking! Prior to today, she would say "Dad-dah" and wave to me, say "Hi" when she saw someone new, and with some heavy duty prompting she might blurt out a "Mamama". That was about it.

This morning, as a bunch of assorted cousins were brawling about on the floor, Rani looked at me, held up her arms and said "Up Dad-dah". I was amazed. I picked her up, kissed her, and gave her a few quick bounces. I put her back down, called for witnesses, and she repeated her request/command/monologue. Now, she'll hardly stop with it.

A bit later, after she'd mastered the art of turning the lights off and on by wallswitch, she pointed at the fixture and clearly said "light". We forced her to repeat this for a few thousand cousins, aunts, and uncles before our pride was slaked.

To top it all off, Veronica chose today to be her first day to stand up without a handhold. She went from her back, to her butt, to her knees, and then just stood. She maintained her balance with a series of twists and two waving arms. For all of five seconds, my little girl stood tall.

It's still a few days to her first birthday, but my little girl's not a baby any more.

It meant so much to her Mama and I to have been with her for each of these moments.

What a day!


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