Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Achy-Breaky Puto

I had no idea that Billy Ray Cyrus had brought the fair Philippines under his sway. Out on our morning constitutional, minding our own business, we had our senses assaulted in a most offensive way. In the midst of an otherwise respectable suburban neighborhood, we encountered a group of 30-plus Filipinos of all ages engaged in country line dance. I kid you not.

What we witnessed was a morning exercise class. Apparently this class uses country line dance, in particular the "Achy Breaky", as aerobic exercise. Unfortunately, we only caught the end of the class, which featured a 20 minute-long "dance mix" of "Achy Breaky Heart", as it's finale. I have no idea what proceeded the "Achy Breaky", though I intend to investigate.

I don't hate Mr. Cyrus, as it seems many do. I even survived an episode or two of "Doc". Personally, I prefer Weird Al's "Achy Breaky Song".


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