Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The best thing they've done since kicking France's butt in WWII

Well, that is really just another facetious title, but I was seriously jazzed to read that the Germans are building a huge solar power generating facility. Story and link stolen from Mike. Like my good buddy, I am a big proponent of using solar power to create (at least some of) our electricity. It's clean, cheap (if done properly), and doesn't require a huge number of union workers getting paid outrageous salaries for doing what often amounts to very little work. It would be wrong to classify me as totally anti-union, but I am never to forget the stories told me by a friend's father who worked at a power plant in North Alabama. Of those stories, my favorite was about a rotating assignment to go around and wake up his "union brothers" so they could clock out prior to exceeding the allotted amount of overtime.

I'm sure that the Hun's Chancellor Shroeder and his left-leaning party will find some sop to the strong German unions, but if this German endeavor works, we would be wise to follow suit, as cheap energy (along with water) is going to be the primary currency of the future.


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