Wednesday, September 01, 2004

From the "Is this what we can expect in our future" department:

I would appear that Mother Russia's troubles with the Caucuses in general and Chechnya in particular, are continuing to worsen. From the point of view of this American non-muslim, the root of Russia's terrorism problem is very different from ours. We have Al Qaeda and their associates are seeking to harm America and Americans, ostensibly, because of our international policies, which include support of Israel and our government's actions throughout the muslim world. Putin's government is trying to maintain control over Chechnya, and islamic Chechen separatists seem to be willing to do almost anything, most recently taking 400 adults and school kids hostage, to resist. The battle over Chechen subjugation has been going on for over 200 years, and isn't likely to be resolved soon.

Supporters of both of these resistance/terrorist movements speak fighting occupation and imperialism, and both receive funding from muslims all over the world, particularly Saudi Arabia. Chechen rebels purportedly also receive a great deal of financial backing from Turkey, who has been called an important American ally in our war on terror, despite many Americans questioning the value and sincerity of an alliance with Turkey.

Whoever is in the oval office over the next few years will have their hands full of islam-associated problems, of that their is no doubt.


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