Thursday, February 10, 2005

Hurray for You, Chucky! Ya Shoulda Done it Long Ago.

Everybody's favorite mama's boy, Prince Charles of England, is finally marrying his long-time squeeze Camilla "the Rottweiller" Parker-Bowles. Story here. Personally, I always thought he should've married her long ago, as I imagine that he must've been relatively miserable married to Diana (as I'm sure Diana was, as well). Think about it--she's educated, unlike Diana, travelled and cultured, unlike Diana, and he and Camilla shared several common interests and frames of reference, which he and Diana did not. Now, I won't excuse Chuck's or Di's infidelities, but I do think that their whole marriage was a ridiculous farce, played out as part of Enland's pathetic royal soap-opera. I know I'll get hate mail over this, but the truth must be told. Oddly enough, they will share the same anniversary as my beloved sister and brother-in-law. Good luck Chuck

Welcome Piper Soon!

Our friends Brett and Josephine welcomed their new daughter (and sister to Rutger) Piper Soon Tadlock into the world yesterday. Piper weighed in at 7 pounds, 14 ounces, at a height of 20 inches. Baby and mother are doing great. Congratulations, guys!


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